Erris Beo

We went to the edge of the world we did

From Tyldesley’s cobbled streets

My mother’s home place Erris

Where sea and mountain meet

Across a sea and across a land

And out beyond the world

The EN Five Nine they call it now

It goes where sea mists swirl


Only natives know this place

You wouldn’t go there at all

It’s Cromwelll’s country hell or Connaught

There no cosy stall

People in poor cabins

Potatoes for their food

Bog land all their company

Beauty wild and rude


Now it is serenaded

The Wild Atlantic Way

Hotels now and golf course

Next stop Amerikay

It always was a lovely place

Its people they were fine

My mother came from out that place

I am proud to call it mine


Brian Fahy

2 September 2022

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