The Way We Were

We use the head when out of doors

We keep our heart at home

Hard headed thinking takes the floor

Emotional undertone


Then we hear a song again

Tugging at the heart

Barbra Streisand sings again

We’re back where lovers start


Songs stir up our feelings

It says do not disturb

The song creeps in I’m reeling

Tears I cannot curb


But I do not look forlornly

At how things might have been

I rejoice I met her only

And knew a life between


The Way We Were is beautiful

And Maggie was the same

I remember and look forward

For we shall meet again


Brian Fahy

30 August 2022


+ I lost my wife, Margaret, ten years ago. Then I became lost myself. Then I recovered and now no longer weep. I smile in gratitude for ever knowing her and in the hope of all that shall be.

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