A Town In Galilee

Luke 4:31-37


He spoke with authority

The people were impressed

In long ago Capernaum

He’s genuine they confessed

A man disturbed in spirit

Abused his power to save

Jesus cured his malady

People were amazed


Hitler spoke to people’s pain

To their hardship and their pride

He deceived a suffering nation

He boasted and he lied

Led them into misery

Ruled with cruel command

Turned a lovely country

As dead as desert sand


Trump he will say anything

Things folk like to hear

The world is how he says it is

The real world nowhere near

America divided

Wants to hear good news

Trump the new messiah

Doesn’t like to lose


Politicians promise prosperity

It’s the name of the game

But people are not idiots

Life goes on the same

We listen for the genuine voice

See what others do

By their fruits you’ll know them

The same applies to you


Brian Fahy

30 August 2022

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