Dangerous Times

Mick Lynch our local hero

He says it like it is

And Bernie Sanders comes to town

To add his voice to his

The issue is our poverty

Is running very high

While fat cats and their billions

Don’t even wonder why


Riches are a danger

The Lord made very clear

The rich man and his finery

The poor man very near

But the rich man cannot see him

He lies outside the door

Purple and fine linen

Block out a sight so sore


Trickle down is nonsense

It’s crumbs from off the table

Cosy does not feel the cold

It settles down in sable

You need to feel the draught somewhat

For you to stir yourself

If not a ruin will fall on you

On you and all your wealth


Brian Fahy

30 August 2022


+ Life can appear very calm for many of us, but even as it does, lots of social anxieties are festering away. The dancing nobility in Moscow did not see the poor marching on their streets. The cavalry could see to them. Then the revolution came.


Obscene wealth floats around our world today, while so many are in dire need. Footballers are the new targets for robbery since they have so much wealth.


Proportional representation? Perhaps a fairer share of political voices might usher in a redistribution of wealth and opportunity among our people.


If we forget the poor man at our door, we will pay a price eventually.

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