Brothers in Arms

On this August day

When John the Baptist dies

I think of certain soldiers

And of their dying cries


John and Owen Trumble

Great uncles they of mine

Orphaned in their childhood days

Killed before their time


John in Flanders May ‘16

Before the scourge of Somme

Owen near Jerusalem

Christmas Day just gone


I listened to Mark Knopfler

The song Brothers in Arms

Those Trumble brothers never saw

A world without alarms


Their names are written clear on stone

Tyldesley cemetery

The world continues warring

Its ugly symmetry


It’s not enough to give up war

Or refrain from doing wrong

We have to love each other true

And sing a better song


Brian Fahy

29 August 2022


+ Bishop Robert Barron speaks about ‘agere contra’. If something is bent out of true, you have to press it strongly in the other direction to bring it back to true. Giving up war is not enough. We must actively pursue the love of others in order to restore the health of humanity.

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