The Terrors Of The Night

Young folk aren’t aware

Of how bad the world can be

Young folk away from home

First taste of liberty

Making friends and clubbing

Walk home in the dark

Never make it to their door

Somewhere a dog will bark


It shouldn’t be like this we say

Everyone should be free

To walk the streets at night time

We prize our liberty

But the night is made for prowlers

And wolves are out in packs

The innocent deer is hunted

Later we find the tracks


True crime stories tell us

How vicious folk can be

The lonely isolated man

Will take your liberty

Emancipated women

Totally unaware

Of the violent men around them

Men who do not care


Brian Fahy

28 August 2022


+ I have watched recently a spate of short films on true crime: all of them attacks and murders of young women. The effect on me was to make me feel very unhappy, depressed even. One story is one too many. But many of these crimes are committed in the dark of night, when young women are returning home from a night out. They are unaware of just how dangerous it is at that time of night. Our modern culture of ‘freedom’ has blinded us to the ancient truth of human wickedness.

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