One Hundred Years Ago

Beal na Bla

Now I have it

Nothing to do with flowers

But the ‘opening to the good land’

Where farmers can use their powers


And here it was they killed him

A bullet to the head

Michael Collins great man

Now alas he’s dead


He opened up for Ireland

A way for to be free

Not the north a problem there

But a freedom to be free


But hearts are dearly wedded

To dreams that cannot be

And Irishman fought Irishman

A sorrow gra mo chroi


And Michael stays forever young

A hero in the land

The Big Fellow right enough

Today was your last stand


You did not grow old

Like Dev he did grow old

Age never wearied you

And the years did not condemn

But when the sun goes down

And when the morning comes

We remember you

We remember you


Brian Fahy

22 August 2022


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