Birthday Boy

My father born this day in 1916

The Battle of the Somme was in full flow

Tom Kettle wrote his poem for his daughter

And thousands died in a bloody horror show


An uncle of my father died in May

Another uncle too near Christmas day

In 1917 near Jerusalem

My father would pass by in the next affray


Death was all around them in those days

The Great War end of Edwardian haze

Madness of the trenches idiocy

Shocked the world

Versailles accountancy


An angry corporal went home to grieve

And stir up hatred millions to deceive

And stirring embers stirred a war again

Adding millions to the great mayhem


My father lived through that and then came home

And down the pit again no more to roam

And lived a quiet life and pondered why

Foolish men send others out to die


Brian Fahy

22 August 2022

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