Change And Decay

It was a sacred ritual

Saturday night at five

Out of the Blue was playing

Then the scores came on live

Vernons’ pools or Littlewoods

Daddy checked them all

Eight score draws we’re looking for

Twenty-four points in all


Working down the mine all week

Weekend brought some pleasure

Home for tea and check the coupon

A workingman and leisure

I heard the music play one time

On the coach after playing Burnley

I knew the world was listening in

Those draws were found so rarely


But the country was united then

Listening to that voice

James Alexander Gordon

His baritone deep and choice

But nothing lasts forever

The classifieds have gone

The modern world doesn’t need them now

And the world as we know moves on


It’s a bit like the Latin Mass of old

A familiar routine there

Suddenly it is no more

It’s English now for prayer

And aunty Bea she made me laugh

Her Irish priest a picture

Instead of Dominus Vobiscum

Now it’s ‘the Lord bewitcher’!


Brian Fahy

20 August 2022


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