Rich And Poor

Matthew 19:23-30


The rich can be obscenely rich

The poor obscenely poor

There will always be the rich man

And the poor man at his door


I once lived in a stately home

Far from the madding crowd

Isolated seminary

A red brick living shroud


The stately homes of any land

Scream foul before the law

When poor folk live in hovels

Their lives so red and raw


Wentworth Woodhouse is obscene

With its three hundred rooms

You had to run a marathon

With bucket and with brooms


Manny Shinwell went berserk

And tried to knock it down

Now we give it subsidies

Inviting the plebs come down


Wealth is as bad as poverty

Both can lead to wrong

Pray a middle way to keep

A far far better song


Brian Fahy

16 August 2022

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