What Must I Do?

Matthew 19:16-22


The young man wasn’t satisfied

Something was amiss

He kept all the commandments

Life could have been bliss

Money he had aplenty

Life was easy street

But still he came to Jesus

His life was not complete


This life it is a passing thing

Yet we get wed to things

And try to find our happiness

In pleasure or in flings

But the heart desires a deeper truth

A simpler way to be

Not the secret of eternal youth

But daily simplicity


Three things we’re told that truly last

When all is said and done

Faith hope and charity

From dawn to setting sun

Hold on to these and practise them

As each day comes along

They’ll see you home in safety

To greet a rising sun


Brian Fahy

15 August 2022


+ The Kingdom of Heaven is like treasure hidden in a field. Have you found it yet?

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