The Day She Died

I was introduced to death

As an altar boy in church

I carried the holy water for the priest

We went to Tyldesley cemetery

Coffin went in the ground

I went back to class and took my seat


My father was introduced to death

On Africa’s burning sands

Saw a Scot’s lad drink himself to death

Saw bodies strewn on D-Day sand

And bodies all through France

Shot a boy to death a sad demand


My father had no time for death

It’s life that we are given

Live each day and be as best you can

And when it comes a-knocking

Prepare for what will be

And yield your soul to God

And be a man


The Assumption of Our Lady

The mother of the Lord

The day she died

The day she went to God

She stood beside the cross of Christ

Beside her own dear son

And beside us all

When our own time will come


Brian Fahy

14 August 2022

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