United They Fall

I found Old Trafford too closed in

High stands for haughty looks

Tall structures focused on the pitch

Failure given no truck

These were the Fergie years

Years of excess

Then Liverpool came a-calling

4-1 they won ah bless


Fergie was an autocrat

A single-minded power

Gruff betimes and angry too

He mellowed with the hour

But there was no clan no family

To carry on the trad

They had no new messiah

So things have turned out bad


There’s an expectation in that place

That really ought to die

Success has made them arrogant

Humility they should try

Me I support the Wanderers

A lifetime up and down

But you learn to take it in your stride

No need to wear a frown


United is big business

And that’s a burden too

Loadsamoney everywhere

Takes the joy from you

Thank God I support the Wanderers

Little local team

Win some and lose some

And always a happy dream


Brian Fahy

14 August 2022

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