Being A Child

Matthew 19:13-15


We hear of childhood trauma all the time

Grown up folk whose childhood was a crime

That lass Anne Heche was dragged from town to town

Abused tormented lost confused worn down


Let little children come to me

The Lord so clearly states

They are not lesser people

Just smaller and they’re great

Persons so completely

Give them their due place

Do not ignore mistreat them

They have their own true face


Aunty Lily brought me in

My folks without a home

His place is by the fireside

My pram so nice and warm

She made a fuss and welcomed me

And my mother too

We never forgot her kindness

So I tell the tale to you


Brian Fahy

13 August 2022


+ I saw Anne Heche in the film, Volcano, with Tommy Lee Jones. A very attractive lady, yet as I have learned, a person with a very troubled childhood. The world is full of such troubled people. The story of Jesus welcoming children is vitally important. Our loving relationships with children make the firm foundation of their lives. My own grandsons are my joy and delight and I hope my part in their lives will be positive in every kind of way.


My own parents were without a home of their own, for the first few years of marriage, after the war. We were welcomed into the home of my father’s brother, Tommy, when I was three months old. Lily, Tommy’s wife was a wonderful, warm-hearted woman, and brought my pram into the living room and set it by the fireside, giving me pride of place in their home. My mother never forgot this welcome or this kindness.

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