Out West

My brother walked on Blasket Mor

Sacred island ground

I saw it in a video

The sight the scene the sound

The likes of us O’Crohan said

Will not be seen again

The old way was dying out

I saw it once back when


Back when I a child astor

Came to my mother’s home

And sat beside the turf fire bright

As if it was my own

My grandmother laid iron tongs on me

From fairies to protect

I grew up from that ancient place

Her blessing I feel yet


We come from ancient people

From memories long ago

We come from simple living

From fire and river flow

The Blasket now reminds us

Of how our life can be

The simple things the lovely things

A life for you and me


Brian Fahy

12 August 2022


+ A You Tube video by Derek Cullen sees him spend a couple of nights on the Great Blasket Island, and share with us the stunning beauty of that western island.

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