Snippets of Spinoza

Help me Lord to follow you today

In everything I think and do and say

You’d think I’d know by now

The road laid out the vow

Every morning start again I pray


Van Der Valk the TV show policeman

Brought to mind a wise man from the past

Spinoza is the name

Of philosophical fame

His words are with us words that truly last


He lived a good and saintly life we’re told

And that’s important as the words you’re sold

A good and honest thinker

His quotes still here they linger

They bring us warmth and keep us from the cold


‘Do not weep. Do not wax indignant. Understand’

This will bring our life under command

‘We feel and experience ourselves to be eternal’

A divine implant of our life the kernel

Baruch Spinoza light of the Netherlands


Brian Fahy

8 August 2022

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