In My Mind(Not Carolina, Carrowmore)

He ran the breadth of Ireland in a day

A pint of Guinness in Galway

A pint in Dublin Bay

And someone brought bananas

Others cereal bars

And a jogger ran beside him

To forewarn of motorcars


I have a map of Ireland on the wall

From Galway to Dublin town not much at all

Just inches on a map

But therein lies the trap

The real thing is what we’re living for


Thank God I say we have imagination

And I can go at will where e’er I please

I can sit beside the sea inside Belmullet

I hear its waves come splashing into me


I stand at Aunty Sarah’s in the morning

In bright sunshine I look upon the scene

The waters of the lake are shining for me

And Carrowmore as ever is serene


My old legs won’t carry me like they used to

I’m slowing down in Stirling town I stay

But in my mind I’m everywhere in Ireland

And Erris now is never far away


Brian Fahy

10 August 2022

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