Dressed For Action

Miners had the Davey lamp

For seeing in the dark

Protected by a glass

Against a dangerous spark

And a headlamp too for seeing

Working down below

Digging coal for Britain

The power to make things go


Working folk in factories

Women in cotton mills

The din of endless moving frames

Worked till they got ill

Manual labour all life long

Working for a wage

All the hours God sends

Right into old age


That’s the Tyldesley I recall

The Tyldesley of my youth

Grit and grime and cobblestones

Hard working folk the truth

They kept their houses spick and span

Polished the front step

Kept allotments racing birds

And whippets for the bet


See that you are dressed for action

The Lord he says today

And hearing that I see again

The folk of old Bongs way

The women folk cotton dotted

The men with faces black

All gone now all gone now

Never coming back


Brian Fahy

7 August 2022

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