Gone Too Soon

It’s the saddest thing

To be killed upon the road

For the journey of your life

A sudden end

And Carras church stands lonely quiet

In its garden green

And Sharon will be laid to rest

And grief will mark the scene


A man has gone to prison

For texting on his phone

While driving a lorry

In a world of his own

Crashed into traffic

Stationary still

Now his life is at full stop

He can reflect at will


The car is but a little box

Encloses us alone

Just like another box

We go that road alone

God help us on our journeys

To consider all around

And save our selves from the sadness

On Carras’ holy ground


Brian Fahy

28 July 2022


+ I read today of the car crash in which a young couple died in Limerick. They were Mayo people. The funeral of Sharon Ryan takes place today at Carras Church, near Kilmaine.

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