Blood Line

He hugged a stranger

A sister never known

Or seen or heard of ever

In his life

A man alone in this wide world

In Canada faraway

Punk rocker in Vancouver

Brave face against his fate

No family no connection

Army life and then protest

Punk rock against the rottenness of life


Then in she walks his sister

And he sticks to her like glue

Next of kin next of skin

Lemn Sissay’s word so true


And now today we celebrate

Joachim and Anne

Grandparents of Jesus

Family of the man

And all who do the will of God

Are family to me

Where blood breaks down

Love must supply

A finer family tree


Brian Fahy

26 July 2022


Long Lost Family showed us a man who has lived all his life alone, having been adopted and not knowing if he had blood relatives in this world. Punk Rock is, I think, a protest against all the hurts of life and he became a punk rocker. His joy at meeting family was overwhelming. Now aged 65, he feels reborn, and completed.



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