Two To Tango

We did not fire the missiles

But we provoked the bear

The blame is never all one side

We need to show more care

Listen to our history

Read the lessons there

One side shows aggression

But the other has its share


Lucy Worsley spoke about

The English fight with Rome

And how an edict from the pope

Brought trouble back at home

Elizabeth went hunting priests

And put them to the sword

All because a guy in Rome

Spoke a careless word


The violence of Russia

Is clear for us to see

But the western press against the bear

Is hidden from you and me

Putin’s virtue or his vice

Is not the case in point

But the west’s encroaching presence

Ready to wreck the joint


Brian Fahy

20 July 2022


+ ‘Stay close to the Americans,’ Boris Johnson’s parting words today. I disagree. Let the US look after itself and withdraw from its overbearing influence. Let England come home to itself and learn anew to be a good and reliable member of Europe. Let Scotland be free. Let Ireland be reunited in peace. Let these things happen in their own good time.

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