Good Soil

My mother’s love

My father’s honest way

Planted me in happiness

From my earliest day

Two sisters and a brother

A collie dog as well

A happy home a dwelling place

A heaven against all hell


The condition of our upbringing

Determines what will be

How we grow and how we feel

Happy to be me

But where neglect or poverty

Raise their ugly head

There you’ll find that misery

Has taken root instead


The troubles in our early life

Cause us to run away

From opening our heart

To the sunshine of the day

The shadows of a lonely life

Cause us to hide in pain

Until the warmth approaches us

Inviting love come in


Brian Fahy

20 July 2022


+ Jesus’ parable about the sower and the seed is a true and accurate description of human development. Just as we put on our clothes to face the day, so we also put on our personality, our mode of facing other people, our coping mechanism for life. We hide our hurts from others and try to be ‘presentable’ to one another. Sometimes our true self is well hidden beneath layers of outward behaviours, which are our way of coping with the world.


We all deserve to be planted in good soil. Alas, for many people that just does not happen.

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