Uggool ~ The Lost Valley

Beyond the end of the road

I knew a place like that

Sure they are everywhere in Ireland

On that you can hang your hat


But today I saw a new place

A land they call Uggool

The Eagle’s egg the name means

And boy is this place cool


The Lost Valley it’s known as

Beyond the Silver Strand

Beyond a spot called Killadoon

A never never land


Mountain water, sea and sky

History in the fields

Forlorn potato ridges

Long forgotten meals


Seventeen houses in this glen

Before the famine time

And before the cruel eviction

That was Ireland’s crime


But now a road goes in there

And a farmer’s open door

Will show you shades of yesteryear

And tomorrow’s hope of more


Brian Fahy

19 July 2022


+ I went as far as Killadoon but never to the Silver Strand, and you must go on beyond that point to discover this magic land. The Lost Valley of Uggool is open for business, to show you a window on the past and also the present and everlasting beauty of this little corner of Mayo.

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