Human Family


I stepped outside on this warm day

I had to go for milk

My neighbour Gerry offered a lift

God bless folk of his ilk

He’s kind but I declined

Only going up the road

But I smiled as he drove on

So good to live beside

People you can rely upon


And here today the good Lord

Opens wide his arms

To point to mothers brothers

Amidst this world’s alarms

Those who do the will of God

Are family to me

Those who walk in kindness

They are really free


Lemn Sissay

He say to me

We are family

Lancashire born and bred

He found the words in his head

To reach across divides

To show the man who hid inside

The lonely homeless child


And Gabor Mate teaches me

In these latter days of mine

How trauma in our early days

Distorts the world’s sunshine

We need to see the hurt that’s done

Respond to people’s pain

Then we all can brothers be

In Burns’ sweet refrain


Brian Fahy

19 July 2022


+ Lemn Sissay’s story is eloquent testimony to the vital and powerful effect of loving family in childhood.


+ Gabor Mate’s life experience and teaching reveals to us how childhood trauma causes us to adopt all kinds of self-protection in our behaviours and addictions. I remember discovering Stoicism for myself as a way of surviving seminary. I would be neither happy nor sad, but indifferent to all things around me so as to avoid emotional and psychic pain.


+ Jesus teaches us today about the true family of God, beyond our natural families, when we do the will of God in our lives and so connect with one another in loving kindness.

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