Greater Than Solomon

Lookit they say in Ireland

Idou in ancient Greek

Cop yourself on why don’t you

Here is the one you seek

People looking for signs

When right before their eyes

Stands the honest man

From the God of all surprise


To take our flesh and live our life

To be as one of us

And show us how to live this life

And show us whom to trust

Follow him every day you live

Listen to all he says

Don’t just stand there looking

Eat your daily bread


The Ninevites they listened

When Jonah came to preach

And the Queen of the South came seeking

The wisdom in Solomon’s reach

And we can walk beside the Lord

Every day we live

Taste and see that he is good

Then open your heart and give


Brian Fahy

18 July 2022


+ It is 23 years today since I changed my life and came to my family. I am grateful for the faith I have been given and for the privilege of priesthood, even as it proved for me a lonely road. The road leads on. Let us fall in step with the Lord and walk it together.

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