The Journey

What does it mean to be well?

What does it mean to heal?

When is a person healthy?

When is a person real?


All my life I have been fairly fit

But really my life was repressed

By religious formation

And deprivation

But you never would have guessed


To take a child before they have grown

And to form that child for one life

To remove them from ordinary pastures

To tell them you can’t have a wife


This is incarceration

A prison without any walls

Obedience enough to keep them in check

But later thank God comes the falls


The search of our life to be wholesome

To be what in essence we are

But the roads that we walked didn’t help us

But still we follow the star


Brian Fahy

17 July 2022


+ Gabor Mate, in his talks, shows us how trauma is what happens inside us when we are coping with the events of life that cause us pain. The journey into our authentic selves is a great journey. Hope you find your way.


The mission of Jesus to heal people is a holistic mission that embraces the whole human being in body, mind, heart and relationships and environment. Being well, being healthy is a far deeper and wider truth that the narrow model of western medicine.

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