Growing Up


If you love me feed me

Clothe me hold me shelter me

Let me know the warmth of home

Lay me down to sleep

Help me grow develop

Help me find my way

And when I leave you all behind

I’ll come back some day


I had a happy home

A happy family

But it was blown apart

The church came stealing me

I felt the loss of family

I had lost my own dear home

I withdrew from all around me

I kept myself alone


But in the end I found myself

Restored into the world

I met a girl who loved me

Now at last I’m heard

No more of ‘Father Fahy’

The man all dressed in black

My heart restored so naturally

I got my own life back


Brian Fahy

17 July 2022


+ I was persuaded away from home at the age of 11 into a seminary. I effectively lost my home and family ties from that point on. I withdrew psychologically from the world to protect my lonely heart.


Listening to talks by Gabor Mate, an Hungarian/Canadian psychologist, has illuminated for me what we all do to protect ourselves when going through trauma. My real self was hidden away. My public persona adjusted to fit in and follow the requirements of the catholic priesthood system.


The gospel of Martha and Mary shows us how to love one another fully. We take care of all our physical needs for food and warmth and shelter, and we also listen heart to heart to one another, to discover, to come to know who we really are.

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