Mary Doohan (1917 – 2008)

She came from Coore in County Clare

A little place you know

And she founded The Little Way

In London long ago

A roof blew off a chapel

Out in the Philippines

Her brother wrote and told her

What will I do she schemed


She started with a jumble sale

To try and raise some funds

Believing every little thing

Can bring in millions

Four million pounds a year she raised

All sent in foreign aid

I marvelled at her tenacity

A life so bravely lived


You wouldn’t think to look at her

The power in her soul

She really was a mighty one

Devoted to her role

She took Therese’s little way

Appealed for funds o’er seas

A missionary she really was

She brings me to my knees


Brian Fahy

16 July 2022


+ I met this lady 50 years ago in London. She came back into my mind today so I checked her out.

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