A House Restored

The old place sold again

One hundred thousand Euro

The old ancestral home

The Loftus/Fahy condo

That cottage on the shoulder

A poor and humble place

Not now – transformed in splendour

A house of warmth and grace


But not for me – you can’t go back

Life is all ahead

Memories may be happy

But you cannot make your bed

In dreams of yesterday

No matter how they seem

Life is here and now

And better than any dream


When dark days come upon us

We yearn for yesterday

Paul McCartney knew that

Gave him a good pay day

But darkness lifts eventually

The sun demands to shine

And your life must go with it

In the end you’ll find it kind


Brian Fahy

16 July 2022


+ When I was widowed I briefly toyed with the idea of going back to Ireland. It seemed a comforting prospect at the time. But I soon realised where my life really was – here where I am planted – and now I am blessed to have two grandsons at my door.


My grandfather’s poor dwelling has been enlarged and improved beyond measure and now sails on in its own journey with new owners and renewed style. My life too, after sorrow, has been enlarged and improved beyond measure, as I watch my son and his growing family live peaceful and contented days.

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