Do This

He is not long ago

He is here and now

In simple signs and wonders

He stays with us by vow

Those early morning masses

While Tyldesley dug for coal

And women worked in cotton mills

I found him in my soul


He delights to be among us

He gave us bread and wine

Do this he said remember me

I am with you now in time

While buses went to Manchester

And Tyldesley waking up

I parked my bike and went inside

The sacred bread and cup


This holy sign is everything

It teaches us to love

To look on one another

And see the God above

I will not leave you orphans

I am close to you each day

I headed home for breakfast

Along Green Street God’s highway


Brian Fahy

7 July 2022


+ Pope Francis has written a letter about the liturgy, Desiderio Desideravi, about the worship of God in the Eucharist. The Mass is not long distance memory. It is real presence here and now. As an altar boy, serving mass before school, I was very struck by the real presence of God among us, among the ordinary ways of my little town in Lancashire.

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