Free and Faithful

The person of Jesus and the gospel of Jesus

Is the truth we need to know

That came home to me long ago

Whatever else came along

Seminary years

Frustration tears

The Gospel is still the song


Every day at daily Mass

The word of God is spoken

It has something vital to say

To a world so lost and broken

Every day when still a priest

I tried to find the word

To share at daily Mass

That the gospel may be heard


The purpose of the mission

As Jesus sends the twelve

Is to heal the broken-hearted

And set all people free

To be good news for everyone

Say God is very near

In your heart and on your lips

Let your life be clear


Brian Fahy

6 July 2022


+ I lived in Rome for two years and studied under Bernhard Haring CSsR. His output was extensive, so much so that a witty confrere, Sam Boland CSsR, historian and humorous Aussie, said of him that he was never guilty of an unpublished thought! But Haring was impressive. His great work, Free and Faithful in Christ, teaches us that freedom is never an isolated reality but is bound intimately to the matter of faithfulness to goodness and to God.

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