Finding the Question

Doing Wordle today

I had the I and A

Three spaces left and one was L

What it was I could not tell

Does the L go here or there?

I needed an answer to my prayer

In fact the truth turned out to be

L was needed there and here

And then the word was very clear

LILAC was the completed word

And there a life lesson was heard


To find the answer that you seek

Seek the right question

That’s the trick

I asked is it here or there

I ought to have asked is it here AND there

Once the question is posed aright

The happy answer comes in sight



Of course life’s problems and issues can be so complicated that we find it impossible to ask the right question of ourselves. We need the help of another person in conversation to help us to unravel our issues. Our issues can be like string or ropes that are all mixed together and they take some untying. Pope Francis has a devotion to Our Lady as the ‘Untier of knots’. It is a good image of how our complex stories need to be untied and so set free. A good counsellor is a person who knows how to ask us the right questions, the questions that we might never ask ourselves. It is those right questions that pave the way to our freedom.


Brian Fahy

3 July 2022  


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