Who Rules The World?

They say that power corrupts

Indeed it does

We use our force on others

To get our way

The Plantation of Ulster

The Highland Clearances

Left Ireland fraught

Scotland empty

For landowners and sheep

And no right of way


So Scottish independence I’d like to see

And let England be England

A new identity

And all the world keeps changing

Things don’t stay the same

And America the mighty

Must learn to play the game


John Wayne and cowboy films

Flooded the post war world

And American tentacles

Spread out everywhere

We cannot move for missiles

The US rules the roost

This has to change

It is not defence

It’s an aggressive nuisance


We Brits we played the empire game

But we had to lose it all

Give back what we had conquered

It wasn’t ours to call

Now Putin fires a salvo

You’re an existential threat

Nato – you’ve served your purpose

But fear is ruling yet


Brian Fahy

2 July 2022


+I watched the John Pilger film, The Coming War (2016) and learned about what the US did in the Marshall Islands after World War Two. I also did not realise just how much the US covers the globe with its military might. The UK has been happy to go along on America’s shirt tails, enjoying the sense of security that it brings. And from our island home we make brave noises about funding the war effort in Ukraine, when what is needed is a settlement now.

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