Russia has been the enemy since I was a boy

Since 1945 the end of war

The cold heart of communism

Stalin to the fore

And Kruschev and Kennedy

The Cuban missiles scare


Iron Curtain Berlin Wall

Then 1989

Then Russia became a free-for-all

Then came Putin’s time


China too all power control

Korea does the same

There is no freedom in a land

Where dictators rule the game


So we think ourselves superior

The evidence is there

We don’t shoot or poison

We like to think we’re fair


But the wise man looks for dialogue

And the need to understand

And to open up a pathway

That can lead to open hands


The call of Matthew tells the world

No one is out of bounds

Accept a person simply

Such kindness can astound


Seek association

No festering of fear

Let them see your good intent

Let honesty be clear


Persevere in goodness

Though others let you down

Yes this road’s called Calvary

But it’s the truest road in town


Brian Fahy

1 July 2022

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