Watch This Space


I watched a film about the First World War

Explaining how it came to be its causes

How nations felt the fear and circled round

In groups of allies waiting for the charge


We are doing it again over Ukraine

Gathering all our guns and aiming East

Blaming Putin for the sorry mess

Not seeing our contribution to the feast


I’m with Mearshimer when I think of this

Do not double down but open up

Make the peace Ukraine a neutral zone

Before we fall to war and the game is up


Putin’s aggression is simply born of fear

And Nato is the enemy he sees

So engage all our diplomacy remove the present threat

And bring us all to sense and to our knees


Brian Fahy

29 June 2022


+ What would we do if America stayed away from Europe? The presence of American power is making us lazy when it comes to promoting the peace of Europe. We called the US in twice in two great wars, to save us. Now we are doing it again. We need to make friends with Russia, not live in constant fear of that land.

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