Paul Newman’s Smile

“Sometimes, nothing can be a real cool hand.”

(From the film, Cool Hand Luke.)


Failure to communicate

The saddest thing of all

Resort to brutish cruelty

Let them take a fall

Cool Hand Luke is smiling

Paul Newman’s happy grin

But someone with no eyes to see

Has it in for him


A woman murdered on the street

A man arrested now

A missile on a market place

Putin’s language now

And migrants dead inside a truck

We’ll get there anyhow

And a mother seeks her girl’s remains

Faithful to a vow


Newman plays the Christ like man

Innocent but oppressed

His sunny smile shines over us

He’s beaten but he’s best

And we must walk the brutal road

Chain ganged to our fate

But rise each day and pray the Lord

Let us communicate


Brian Fahy

28 June 2022


+ Items from today’s news…

–       Zara Aleena murdered on the street as she walked home.

–       Missile strike hits Ukraine shopping centre

–       46 migrants found dead in Texas truck

–       Mother of Helen McCourt still looks for her daughter’s remains

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