Bows And Arrows

Strident shouting back in the day

Scargill versus Thatcher

Communities torn every which way

Weetabix and Milk Snatcher

One or t’other can’t be both

Do or die till death

The mines are gone and Maggie too

Still we catch our breath


Vicious fighting police and all

What a game of soldiers

Moderation went out the door

Broken families told us

Hurts so deep and feelings high

What a way to finish

Closing down an industry

Communities they punish


Scargill’s a lot to answer for

He never called a vote

And Maggie too must answer

Not that St Francis quote!

The drama Sherwood showed it all

The frailty of mankind

When people will not listen up

So happy to be blind


Brian Fahy

29 June 2022



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