The Paralysis of Evil

Matthew 9:1-8


Annual medical check up

Blood pressure a bit high

Take my monitor readings

Reduce it by and by

Diet and good exercise

Bring the pressure down

Or maybe they’ll suggest a pill

I’ll take it though I frown


The healing of the human heart

That is something else

Confess your sin and pray for grace

Ask the Lord to bless

There’s little gain in getting well

If your heart is sunk in sin

Pray the Lord at each new day

Let the spirit in


The scribes were happy with the Lord

Who fed and healed the crowd

The deaf the dumb the cripple

All of this allowed

But when he spoke of pardoning sin

And spiritual release

The scribes they had it in for him

Now you disturb the peace


Brian Fahy

30 June 2022

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