I used to preach to others

It was my job

Apply the gospel teaching to their lives

Read the gospel story

Find the gem within

Apply it then to human life

A daily happening


But first you must apply to self

The gospel that you read

Without that application

All will go to seed

Each day the message comes to you

Like breakfast in the morning

Let the word find entrance

Early dew at dawning


Everyone you meet today

There’s your congregation

Every word you say to them

Salvation or damnation

Silence is a morning cloak

Let it calm your spirit

Then meet the day with gentleness

Let your spirit fill it


Brian Fahy

18 June 2022


+ Today Jesus advises us not to worry about life. He tells us this because we do worry. We easily become anxious. He asks us to stop and to consider the birds of the air and the flowers of the field.

To evict worry from your soul set your heart on the Lord and his kingdom. Live today and let tomorrow be.

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