Strong Roots

Helpless we come into this world

And helpless at the end

We take our leave

My mother’s arms caressed me when a babe

Washed me and dressed me

Laid me down to sleep

Kissed me and cuddled me

Soothed me when I weep

Let me go into the world

Too soon alas my grief


But all life long there for me

My stay

Powerful in her presence

Too strong sometimes


She’s fiery your mother

My father then would say

Yet faithful in her loving

To this day


Foundations of my life

Were good and strong

The world will not destroy you

Though you’re young

For parents and their presence

And their faithful love will hold

And you shall walk in safety

Your story will be told


Brian Fahy

22 June 2022


+ Jesus warns us to beware of false people who look like sheep but really are ravenous wolves, who would exploit you for their own purposes. Watch how people behave, he says, and then you will know what they are really like.


In venturing into the wider world, it is our support network, our family life that anchors us in safety so that we never feel helpless or lost.

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