Running Water

Half way down the beaten path

I came upon the sound

The babbling of the river

A gentle cheerful sound

Water over pebble stones

Shallow here it ran

Further on the deeper pools

Bog brown in the sun


Babbling too our chatter

Busy lives we lead

Forever ever talking

All our cares and needs

And children love to chatter

So new to this world’s play

The daily deeds that matter

They learn to have their say


But the babbling stream runs slow and deep

As it winds on to the sea

And here the trout are swimming

Or lazing happily

And so should we in praying

Take a little time

Slow the world and contemplate

The gift of life is mine


Brian Fahy

16 June 2022


+ Jesus tells us not to babble when we pray. Babbling is the busy sound of water over pebbles and I remember the path down to the river from Aunty Sarah’s house in Glencullen. A quiet summer morning, completely still, and then of a sudden, at a certain spot on the path the sound of the river comes to your ear. It is beautiful music. Prayer too at times can be frantic when our hearts are disturbed, but as a rule we do not need to babble. And so we say ‘Our Father…’

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