Present Conflict

Take a walk along a road

See what you can see

Now turn round walk back again

All looks differently


We call this thing a point of view

The world from where you stand

The same things there before you

But different you understand


So now with the present war

How does Russia seem?

Now turn round and look like them

At NATO’s war machine


Don’t call this good v evil

Don’t fool yourself that way

Don’t say it’s only them to blame

For starting this affray


We believe ourselves the good guys

And talk up democracy

And damn the bad dictator

And offer no mercy


We think ourselves superior

It’s true we must confess

Well if we are let’s prove it

Let us seek some tenderness


In the face of war this seems absurd

What kind of fool am I?

A Christian fool I warrant you

There’s a plank here in our eye


Brian Fahy

14 June 2022

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