Summer Breezes

I am standing at Aunty Sarah’s house

On the shoulder of the Muing

Looking all around me at every blessed thing

At Tuiscean and the river

At Macs beside the bridge

At the lake out in the distance

And beyond to Inver ridge


Carrowmore looks beautiful

At this time of the day

The brightness of the morning

Men out saving hay

The fields and farms and families

The names stay in my mind

Maughan and Mullarkey

And Careys of all kind


When people go to Benidorm

Florida and LA

I came here each summer

A happy child to play

Plunged among my cousins

Closer than a friend

Gave me life long memories

Built up my life no end


Brian Fahy

14 June 2022


+ Stressful, busy lives at home sees people escaping for a holiday to far flung and exotic places, to sit on beaches in the sun for a few days. My holidays in the 1950s were so much better. A magical journey across the sea to Ireland, to live on a farm with lots of cousins for playmates and the wide world of Glencullen to call my own.

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