The Yellow Light

I knelt up at the window

Looked out on yellow light

A street lamp in Birmingham

A prisoner in the night

Those first few weeks away from home

And I eleven years old

What on earth was I doing there!

Away from the family fold


Later on a I found a hiding place

Among the shrubs and trees

To read my book

Away from all around me

I cannot now connect

The long road lay ahead of me

One I now forget


When we are trapped

We must escape inside

No one can find me there

My own hide

But being hidden

Now we are lost as well

When will we escape?

Who can tell?


Brian Fahy

13 June 2022


+ When the world we live in is not to our liking, we escape inside ourselves, and hide there. But this coping strategy might be okay for a while, but if persisted in, it becomes an obstacle to our genuine progress in the world. For we must live in the world, just as truly as we live inside our own spirit.

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