In remembrance: Mary Reilly

It’s an image and a memory

Out of the long ago

Of a girl I saw out walking

A girl I used to know

I at the bottom of Shakerley Road

And she was walking home

Home from swimming practice

Hindsford was her home


I thought her lovely I just then

We hadn’t long changed school

Primary days were over

Important to be cool

Twelve or thirteen years of age

On the cusp of life

A bit too young at that age

To be looking for a wife


And I away in priestly college

So girls were off the map

Oppression for a boy so young

I pity the poor chap

But I never forgot that moment

As I watched her walking by

And a smile of recognition

As we caught each other’s eye


Brian Fahy

11 June 2022


+ Today I heard the news that Mary Reilly has died. She was a lovely girl and a very good swimmer. I don’t think we ever spoke.

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