Facing Sorrow

He let himself be taken

Did not fight

Did not resist the guards at night

He became forsaken


And yet he stood his ground

He was a man

Never was a finer man

And his voice the sound


All of us will suffer pain

It’s part of life

The constant strife

But in it we find gain


Do not resist the evil one

Outmanoeuvre him

Let him see his sin

On both the sun has shone


The way of Jesus does not fail

We have not tried it

Oft denied it

Begin again set sail


Brian Fahy

11 June 2022


+ Facing one’s pain and not avoiding it is the true path of life. Avoiding talking about painful matters does not save us, but rather blocks our ability to be free again to live life well. These thoughts are prompted by a film on BBC IPlayer – Your Mum and Dad by the Dutch documentary film-maker, Klaartje Quirijns. Prompted also by the fact that Jesus walked towards his painful end and not away from it. We can go through our pain and come alive again, just as Jesus went through death and was restored to life.

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