A Sudden Squall

The sky turns grey

The rain begins to fall

In sudden torrents

A very British squall

No tornado alley here

No earthquake to appal

Just Atlantic breezes

Come to call


Temperate our climate

Moderation here

No Sahara sun beats down

Nor icicles to fear

Atlantic winds and rain clouds

Sunshine then to cheer

No extreme conditions

To sour good warm beer


We did endure an icy blast

Trapped in a bitter vice

The beast from the East it was

And we paid a price

I watched the Wanderers play in it

Grealish dance on ice

Won the game and caught a cold

Stay home is my advice


We are lucky on the edge of things

Our little island spot

Detached the view we take of things

Helps us keep the plot

But we cannot totally separate

Our lives from the other lot

It will not do it isn’t fair

No one should be forgot


Brilliant sun returns again

I’ll bring this to a close

Life can change so quickly

The future no one knows

Except that we shall make it

Regarding all our foes

And friends we make will help us all

That’s how the story goes


Brian Fahy

10 June 2022

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