Casualties Of War

As a child I prayed for Russia

At the end of Mass

In old age I pray again

Has nothing come to pass?

Thousands dying on battlefields

Fodder for the guns

A madness gets a hold of us

We’ll let the bloodshed run


In personal life Jesus teaches us to do good to everyone, enemies included. Do not allow injustice and hurt to drive you into violence. In social and political life Jesus tells a story, observing how kings at war need to calculate numbers, and if things look bleak to sue for peace. All fighting is a failure of humanity.


I remember as a child, fighting in the schoolyard and on the grass outside my house, provoked and overcome by anger. When it was over I knew it for a fool’s game. This is no way to proceed.


All efforts should be brought to bear to stop the war and to enter into dialogue.


What will my prayers do?

They are a conversation with the Lord

He will teach me now in my own life

How to be brave and lay aside the sword

The grace then planted in your heart

Like ripples on a pond spread far and wide

To show to others how to make a start

In quiet ways to bring down human pride


Brian Fahy

12 June 2022

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