To Adulterate

Matthew 5:27-32



Something that adults do?

Not a bit of it

Try the other shoe

I love the origin of things

Find out where they come from

The key idea the kernel

So that we can learn from


Adultery comes from adulterate

To pollute or to defile

To mix a stranger element

That corrupts the simple style

And so our pure relationships

Are damaged and destroyed

When we attempt to mix ourselves

In what we should avoid


The origin of everything

Is in the human heart

And that’s where Jesus concentrates

The aiming of his dart

Examine your heart both night and day

For lust and greed therein

And pray the Lord to free you

From the ravages of sin


The Lord promotes an honest life

Avoid what is deceit

Avoid exploiting anyone

That is a defeat

Do not fear the sexual

Understand its place

Rejoice in true relationships

Promote the human race


Brian Fahy

10 June 2022



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