Say It

A counsellor is your friend

Is on your side

Is patient with you

When you tend to hide

Will always understand

And take your part

Is there for you

Attentive mind and heart


But a counsellor will hold you

To the truth

This is no conspiracy

No cheating here forsooth

If you can find the words in you

That say it as it is

You’ll know a freedom straightaway

As true as you confess


Wanton words and wasteful words

Fly away on wind

Cruel words unkindly words

Tell us we have sinned

But say the word that truly speaks

What lies within your heart

And you will know release from pain

And make a brand new start


Brian Fahy

9 June 2022


+ To admit something is to allow a truth to cross the threshold into your home. To express a truth out loud to someone receptive is to grow in the grace of freedom. Often we live with so many unspoken truths inside us because we cannot bear the truth to be said. Being helped to voice the truth is the path to freedom of heart and mind and body. That is why words matter, and the Lord, the word of God, most of all.

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